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Anomalie - Visions (Digipak CD)

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Art of Propaganda is proud to present Anomalie's highly anticipated third album, Visions. In 2011, Marrok (Harakiri for the Sky, Selbstentleibung) founded Anomalie to combine his favorite elements of emotional black metal, post-metal, and depressive rock, which soon resulted in his own incomparable vision of profound and honest music. Two years later, the work for his first full-length album, Between the Light, came to a conclusion: Anomalie impressed many and received much positive reaction in the press. It was followed in 2015 with the even-more-critically acclaimed Refugium: what was originally nothing more than a one-man side project turned into Marrok's main (and very personal) channel of artistical expression with this second album, which was soon followed by a decision to gather a full live lineup during that year's summer season.

Alas, that solo-turned-secular vision has fully blossomed with Anomalie's third album, appropriately titled Visions. Immediately, the expanded heft of a full lineup is felt on Visions. That positive development is largely the result of the band's time on the road, during two European tours alongside such acts as Dread Sovereign and Agrypnie - but it sounds, and especially feels, totally like the Anomalie the international metal scene has grown to love. Thus armed, the band made the wise decision to record again at the esteemed Klangschmiede Studio E in Germany with producer Markus Stock (Alcest, Secrets of the Moon, Empyrium).

But more than the actual sonics underpinning Visions are the life experiences which inform Anomalie's music. Some major changes in Marrok's ocurred since the release of Refugium, and with the help of this expanded lineup, he guides those experiences toward a natural evolution of the now-characteristic Anomalie aesthetic. An atmospheric spiritual journey telling the story of seven individual visions, the soundscapes of this opus are an amalgamation of black metal's bleakness with breathtaking melodies and fragile acoustic guitar arrangements, abducting the listener into a realm of fire and bones. Some compositions demand a certain level of patience and maturity to experience the full range of this highly emotional voyage, but those who are ready to face Visions will feel the honesty and profundity of these hymns about the cycles of life and death!

The atmosphere grows deeper, the message echoes stronger, and the sound shows more individuality than ever before: truly, Visions will mark a massive new milestone in Anomalie's history. 

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