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Nefarious Dusk

Nefarious Dusk - Nefarious Dusk

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PURITY THROUGH FIRE is proud to present NEFARIOUS DUSK's highly anticipated second album, Nefarious Dusk, on [FORMATS???]. Residing in the dankest dungeons of the UK black metal scene, NEFARIOUS DUSK was formed in 2011 by the ever-prolific Dominus, AKA Hrafn, who currently counts the considerable THY DYING LIGHT and ÚLFARR among his activities. A couple of demos followed before Azrael joined on vocals for 2014's God is Dead demo. Four years followed with silence before the aptly titled Cold Shadows Over Transylvania EP. Joined by Fog on drums, THY DYING LIGHT released their debut album, The Wanderer of the Cold North, via PURITY THROUGH FIRE in late 2019, proving that the past was proudly alive with their masterfully second-wave classicism. Just as frost gives way to fire, along comes NEFARIOUS DUSK's second full-length, simply self-titled. Like its celebrated predecessor, Nefarious Dusk is an iron-fisted iteration of Cumbrian Black Metal - proudly dedicated to and inspired by Cumbria, much like ÚLFARR - and even with Dominus now solely joined by Azrael on drums, the vision is still the same...and still chilling! Indeed, the cryogenic winds blow stoutly across these landscapes, a chilling-yet-rousing canvas of ancient atmosphere and hypnotic pulse tastefully dusted by a subtle fog of synth. But whereas that predecessor tended toward the epic during its nearly hour-long journey, NEFARIOUS DUSK's second album is shockingly succinct and judiciously concise: a tight 'n' taut ten tracks across 30 minutes. However, the duo's songwriting is just as spellbinding as ever and arguably more rockin' or at least more aggravated, for time waits for no man and swords must be drawn! Completed by cold & clear production that conveys a wealth of nuance, with Nefarious Dusk do NEFARIOUS DUSK once again prove that traditionalist black metal need not be unimaginative and reductive to convey a power and poignancy that last long after the record's over. Cumbrian Black Metal coming for you!

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