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October Falls

October Falls - A Fall of an Epoch

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PURITY THROUGH FIRE is proud to present OCTOBER FALLS' highly anticipated fifth album, A Fall of an Epoch, on digipack CD and vinyl LP formats. A special diehard LP version with an engraved wooden slipcase will be available only through preorder.
By now, OCTOBER FALLS should require little introduction. Formed in 2001 by Mikko Lehto and expanding to a full band lineup later on, OCTOBER FALLS have built up a considerable canon of unparalleled power and passion, their epic, folk-inflected black metal both reverential of tradition whilst blazing new trails into the beyond. Amidst their all-enveloping album works, the trio have also concurrently released somber fully-folk releases, displaying the depth of their character and the boundlessness of their vision. In short, OCTOBER FALLS have come to represent the enduring face of Finnish nature-oriented black metal.
It has now been an interminable seven years since their last full-length, The Plague of a Coming Age, and now OCTOBER FALLS dive back into the underground which birthed them by aligning with PURITY THROUGH FIRE for the release of their long-awaited A Fall of an Epoch. Thus, the album's title takes on even greater significance, but linger under no assumption that "underground" means "underproduced" or similar. Far from it, of course, when dealing with OCTOBER FALLS: nothing but the most strident, splendorous reaches of the spirit, painted with poignancy and vibrancy, racing across myriad shades and sensations, evoking an engrossing narrative which spans windswept speed and achingly beautiful acoustics, all done with the fire & fury for which the trio have made their name so canonical. If anything, A Fall of an Epoch is a tri-dimensional experience that distills past, present, and future into one breathtaking whole, the album's five-song/48-minute runtime the perfect configuration for their magick to take deepest hold - and never let go.
Time moves forward, every second committed to the past, memories fading into irrelevancy. Through these ever-shifting mists stands the firmament of OCTOBER FALLS, ageless and eternal, heralding A Fall of an Epoch!

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