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Order of Nosferat - Vampiric Wrath Unleashed

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PURITY THROUGH FIRE is proud to present ORDER OF NOSFERAT's highly anticipated fourth album, Vampiric Wrath Unleashed, on CD, A5 digipack, vinyl LP, and later cassette tape formats.

By now, those well versed in the crimes of PURITY THROUGH FIRE should be aware of ORDER OF NOSFERAT. Emerging from the shadows in early 2021, the duo of Count Revenant and Anzillu released TWO full-lengths that year: Necuratul and Arrival of the Plague Bearer. And while both underground veterans are no strangers to black metal, the variety they unleashed with ORDER OF NOSFERAT was most definitely OLD, in every sense of the word. Undead vampiric black metal had truly arisen!

Of course, the duo wasted no time spreading their infection further, as third album Nachtmusik arrived in March 2022 - and yet again do ORDER OF NOSFERAT deliver another full-length, keeping their feverish activity to two albums a year...for now! Bearing the ever-apt title Vampiric Wrath Unleashed, this is the sound of ORDER OF NOSFERAT at their most rabid and bloodthirsty, raging forward with a barely contained violence and fully vintage rawness that harkens to such late '90s French gems as Osculum Infame's debut album or especially Winter Funeral's first demo. And yet, while the pace has quickened (just like the heartbeat of a vampire's next victim), there's another tasteful dusting of moonlit synths, and the melodicism has shifted from sad to nostalgic. Essentially, it's more of ORDER OF NOSFERAT, but proves that their plausibly idiosyncratic version of VAMPIRIC BLACK METAL is seemingly inexhaustible. Inexorable is their march, and it's more triumphant than ever: this is Vampiric Wrath Unleashed!

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